Here's our official recap of charity media coverage in the last two weeks of December. Let's make sure these journalists know their stuff!
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Media Recap:
December 16-31, 2017


Happy New Year, Charity Defender! We hope you enjoyed the holidays and got to spend loads of time with family and friends!

Here's our media recap for the last two weeks of December 2017. Our recaps aim to raise the bar on charity media coverage and get journalists focused on impact, not overhead.

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"Family: charity begins at home — here's how to get your children to think of others"
by Lorraine Candy (The Times — UK)
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Journalist Reach: 101,605  |  Journalist Shares: 1
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"Nonprofit leaders need to focus on impact"
by Roger Trapp (Forbes)
Social Shares: 260  |  Journalist Reach: 0  |  Journalist Shares: 0
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"Another warped mountain-out-of-a-molehill story about nonprofit CEO salaries"
by Rob Meiksins (Nonprofit Quarterly)
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"How disaster charity can pivot to sustainable philanthropy"
by Paul Sullivan (New York Times)
Social Shares: 578  |  Journalist Reach: 4,381  |  Journalist Shares: 2
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"Here are some questions to ask charities"
by Julie Jason (CT Post)
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"How tax reform will end the nonprofit executive pay scam"
by Jake Novak (CNBC)
Social Shares: 2,608 | Journalist Reach: 470,426 | Journalist Shares: 7
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"Millennials give more generously and carefully to charity, study finds"
by Holly Watt (The Guardian)
Social Shares: 297 | Journalist Reach: 42,038 | Journalist Shares: 4
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"State senator targets 'eye-popping' executive pay for VT nonprofits"
by Elizabeth Hewitt (VTDigger)
Social Shares: 219Journalist Reach: 0 | Journalist Shares: 0
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"3 websites to check to be more informed before giving to charity"
by Nancy Anderson (Forbes)
Social Shares: 173 | Journalist Reach: 0
 | Journalist Shares: 0
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"Ask Amy: Celebrate the giving season by donating"
by Amy Dickinson (Denver Post)
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 | Journalist Shares: 0
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"The world's most efficient charities and where to find them"
by Seeking Alpha
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