Here's our official recap of charity media coverage for the second half of Jan. 2018. Let's make sure these journalists know their stuff!
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Media Recap:
January 16-31, 2018


Hi, Charity Defender!

Here's our media recap for the second half of Jan. 2018. Just hit the "Click to Tweet" links below to send our review to each journalist.

Big thank you to the handful of supporters who flagged this Boston Globe story. Because of the quick alert and turnaround, the Globe published our Letter to the Editor. Great example of what this Charity Defense network can do!! We'd like to see lots more of these in 2018, so please let us know if you see any stories that need a response.

We'd also love some more feedback on our Media Rubric. What do you think? Missing anything? Need any adjustments?

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"Nonprofit leaders encouraged to apply for Harvard management scholarships"
by Steve Jagler (Journal Sentinel)
Social Shares: 104  |  
Journalist Reach: 5,660  |  Journalist Shares: 1
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"Kimbal Musk — Elon’s brother — is leading a $25 million mission to fix food in schools across the US"
by Leanna Garfield (Business Insider)
Social Shares: 4,088  |  Journalist Reach: 140,097  |  Journalist Shares: 4
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"We’re asking the wrong questions when it comes to nonprofit executive wages"
by Tony Abraham (Generocity)
Social Shares: 226  |  Journalist Reach: 5,580  |  Journalist Shares: 2
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"Nonprofits underprepared for exodus of baby boomers, Robert Morris University report warns"
by Natasha Lindstrom (Trib Live)
Social Shares: 62  |  Journalist Reach: 3,978  |  Journalist Shares: 1
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"How Nonprofits Can Compete With Silicon Valley For Talent"
by Pamela Hawley (Forbes)
Social Shares: 22  |  Journalist Reach: 0  |  Journalist Shares: 0
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"Employee theft ‘shockingly common’ at nonprofits"
by Todd Wallack (Boston Globe)
Social Shares: 1,412 | Journalist Reach: 522,202 | Journalist Shares: 36
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"How to keep charities from selling your name"
by Karin Klein (The Sacramento Bee)
Social Shares: 4 | Journalist Reach: 421 | Journalist Shares: 1
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"Charities are too obsessed with 'chasing celebrity patrons' rather than helping people, warns official regulator"
by Christopher Hope (The Telegraph)
Social Shares: 273Journalist Reach: 0 | Journalist Shares: 0
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"What Makes Charity Ideas Work"
by David Schwab (Forbes)
Social Shares: 103Journalist Reach: 0 | Journalist Shares: 0
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"Nonprofit Employees Commit Theft More Often Than You'd Think"

by Carrie Healy (New England Public Radio)
Social Shares: 6Journalist Reach: 0 | Journalist Shares: 0
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