#GivingTuesday got lots of media coverage last week. It got us wondering: was the advice from journalists good or bad?
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Media Recap:
#GivingTuesday Coverage


#GivingTuesday got lots of media coverage last week. All that buzz was exciting for charity, but it got us wondering: are journalists sending the right message? Are they finally promoting "big impact"? Or, are they still stuck on "low overhead"?

We dug through all the coverage (local & national) and ranked the stories with the most social shares and journalist engagement. Some stories dished out bad advice, as we expected — but we were also pleasantly surprised by a couple of the articles.

Below, you'll find our breakdown from best to worst.



For the journalists who gave good advice, we want to thank them and show some love. For those who gave bad advice, we want to help them understand these issues better.

We're inviting all of them to our first Journalist Roundtable next month. Our goal is to start a dialogue with journalists, hear their questions and concerns, and help them become experts on social impact.


Just hit the "Click to Tweet" links below to send a message to each journalist! (And, please let us know if we missed a story.)

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3 Stars.png

"How To Get The Most Bang For Your Charity Buck"
by Nurith Aizenman (NPR)
Social Shares: 1,368  |  Journalist Reach: 6,911  |  Journalist Shares: 3
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2 Stars.png

"Five easy ways you can get involved on #GivingTuesday"
by Molly Rubin (Quartz)
Social Shares: 102  |  Journalist Reach: 50,617  |  Journalist Shares: 4
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"How to make the most impact with your donations to nonprofits" 
by Katherine Burgess (Wichita Eagle)
Social Shares: 121  |  Journalist Reach: 1,451  |  Journalist Shares: 1
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1 Star.png

"AG's Office warns of charity scams during Giving Tuesday"
by Brian Bondus (Fox 59 Indianapolis)
Social Shares: 1  |  Journalist Reach: 227,548  |  Journalist Shares: 1
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"4 Giving Tuesday Tips For A Year Of Donor Fatigue"
by Richard Eisenberg (Forbes)
Social Shares: 73  |  Journalist Reach: 8,465  |  Journalist Shares: 1
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"Giving Tuesday 2017: It's like Cyber Monday for charities"
by Theresa Agovino (CBS MoneyWatch)
Social Shares: 79  |  Journalist Reach: 13,352  |  Journalist Shares: 2
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"How to avoid scams on Giving Tuesday"
by Jill Schlesinger (CBS News)
YouTube Views: 1,565
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"How to maximize charitable donations on Giving Tuesday" 
by Jessica Dickler & Scott Cohn (CNBC)
Social Shares: 224  |  Journalist Reach: 58,945  |  Journalist Shares: 6
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