Here's our official recap of charity media coverage for the second half of Feb. 2018. Let's make sure these journalists know their stuff!
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Media Recap:
February 15-28, 2018


Hi, Charity Defender!

Here's our media recap for the second half of Feb. 2018.

It was a busy month, with lots of stories that warranted a response. If you're pressed for time, here are the 3 must-reads: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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"Vicky Browning: 'After Oxfam, charities are no longer untouchable'"
by David Brindle (The Guardian)
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Journalist Reach: 2,584  |  Journalist Shares: 1
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"Louisiana should invest in the non-profit sector"
by Chuck Meehan (Shreveport Times)
Social Shares: 221  |  Journalist Reach: 0  |  Journalist Shares: 0
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"I feel the disgust, but Oxfam's work is too important to be impaired"
by Tanya Gold (GQ)
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"Oxfam chief accuses critics of 'gunning' for charity over Haiti sex scandal claims"
by Decca Aitkenhead (The Guardian)
Social Shares: 1,500  |  Journalist Reach: 398,527  |  Journalist Shares: 25
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"Perhaps charities have their saints, but we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the sinners"
by Sonia Sodha (The Guardian)
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"UK charities should make the case to run more public services"
by Ian Bruce (The Guardian)
Social Shares: 62  |  Journalist Reach: 0  |  Journalist Shares: 0
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"Shawcross attacks big charities, lawyers and umbrella bodies in final interview"
by Kirsty Weakley (Civil Society UK)
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"Top charities hired lawyers to stop watchdog tackling abuse"
by Richard Kerbaj (The Times - UK)
Social Shares: 3 | Journalist Reach: 30,186 | Journalist Shares: 3
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"It’s time to take our charities to the cleaners"
by Michael Edwards (Transformation)
Social Shares: 62 | Journalist Reach: 9,205 | Journalist Shares: 2
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"Charities for veterans giving very little money to them"
by Justin Gray (11 News)
Social Shares: 38 | Journalist Reach: 7,818 | Journalist Shares: 2
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"When Charity Workers Turn Predatory"
by Editorial Board (NY Times)
Social Shares: 233 | Journalist Reach: 3,256 | Journalist Shares: 1
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"The Oxfam scandal shows that, yes, nonprofits can behave badly. So why aren’t they overseen like for-profits?"
by Nives Dolšak (Washington Post)
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"Has Goodwill become too greedy?"
by Maria Carter (Country Living)
Social Shares: 67 | Journalist Reach: 0 | Journalist Shares: 0
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"Smart Spending: Six Ways To Keep Your Nonprofit's Overhead As Low As Possible"
by Nonprofit Council (Forbes)
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"UK says 'grotesque' charity sex abuse scandal is 'wake up call'"
by Emma Batha (Reuters)
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